To Us And To Those Like Us

by Crosstown Collision

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We screamed at the top of our lungs FOR BRENT as we battled the chaos and DISORDER this world has to offer, it wasn't long after that we realized there's only one way to get rid of your HEAD ACHES AND HEARTBREAKS, and it's here INSIDE YOUR HEAD. So if you don't shape up and DROP IT, you will never get the change to know that the world is just a SIX DOLLAR LIGHT BULB, and all you've got is 200 DOLLARS.


released October 19, 2013

To all of our close friends and family members who have supported us, words cannot describe how much we adore you and love you- we can never thank you enough! The following people have helped make this album possible or we just plain love you!:

Recorded by: Joe Cochiaro, Emily Bailey, Chris Curtis
Artwork: Ernie Sanchez
General Thanks To: Tribeca Flashpoint, Swish, Zac Dawson, Shawn Parent, Tony and Tammy Borderlone, Bobby Marcos, Dom, Chris Blank, JBTV, King Chop Suey, Run and Punch, Survay Says, Lost Years, Clay, Christopher Morgan, Bela Blancato, Live Wire Lounge, Juicehead, Bumsy and The Moochers, OWL, Cornicopia Coffee Co, Fearless Radio, Krista Baker, David McWayne, Tim Rusin, The Rackatees, The Slagsmiths, Drive By Insults, T&A Truckstops, AND Tony Wagner for giving us our mojo



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Crosstown Collision Northwest, Indiana

After the release of their second album on JBTV Music Television in Chicago, Crosstown Collision hit the road and headed east to embark on their first tour, from Florida to New York their music is described as high energy fun, with a refreshingly new take on rock and reggae influences. ... more

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Track Name: 200 Dollars
Don't look back because the end is near, and if you fall, you know that I'll be there. I wish there was a pill I could take so I could forget your face and when it's down, I'll be in a better place. I know you've been hurt and I know I've been too, but I wish you could see all the pain you put me through. It doesn't matter if you write me, I'm just going to rip it up- I'm not a selfish man, I'm just sick of all this stuff. I woke up here lost again, no way I can pretend that everything is going to be fine. My thoughts blame me- won't someone save me - my nightmares have become reality. How are you doing man, it's been a long time since I've seen your face around here. I'm okay I'm alright I was just wondering if we could have a seat- sit down, come on man talk about it- everything is going to be alright. I'm just scared and not sure what to do and if I think about the past really hard, maybe there was something different I could have done- NO NOT THIS TIME. I was so lonely man, I had something that could not be cured, but you were there for me, made a hard time feel ilk fit was so easy.
Track Name: Disorder
I was looking, found nothing the circles nearly complete- after all that time you spent, in the end it was just defeat. I was looking, found nothing, what a perfect pair. This is what I'm left with, this is why I don't care! It's not right what they said at the end of the night, but that's okay, I didn't want it to be me anyways. You were looking, found nothing, the circles nearly complete and after all that time I spent in the end, it was just defeat. You were looking, found nothing- what a perfect pair- this is what I'm left with, this is why I don't care!
Track Name: Inside Your Head
There was a moment, there was a time, caught up in the action a feeling divine. All of the dread, it was inside your head! There was a moment, there was a place, these scars created, I can't erase. I keep on waiting for something new, and there's nothing you can do. I keep on waiting for something to get me through, nothing you can do. There was a moment, there was a time, don't write me off, I've committed no crime!
Track Name: Headaches and Heartbreaks
When will there be a time when you can forget my crime? All that we've done for you was just to help you to make it though! Behind door number one, wasted life- loaded gun! I don't want to see you gone, but the cherry burns and smoke lingers on..Yeah the cherry burns and smoke lingers on! Stabbed into my back- large, sharp, serrated knife..I'll die high up in the clouds, the melody of my life.

Miles and miles away from home, headaches and heart breaks- you were never alone but we gave him twenty five minutes, and another fifteen more after that..and as the door still refused to open, I guess what's done is done, and that's that! ..2…3…4! I'm set lose on a dream, one that could be perceived obscene, but you had the heart of a king, and you will just let your people die, and you don't even have a reason why! As time keeps moving on, we will keep moving on! ..but the chance you had is gone, so pick up all the pieces to your life!
Track Name: Six Dollar Light Bulb
If it wasn't for the people who had my back, I wouldn't be standing at all. If it wasn't for the people who stood their ground, there wouldn't be this town at all. If it wasn't for the people who took me down, I wouldn't have a reason to fall!
Track Name: For Brent
Once I get going, you know I just can't stop. Everyone's stuck at the bottom, only a few reach the top. Good days, bad days- I've got bills to pay once they're gone, it doesn't matter they'll just be there another day. What a life to live, giving all the love I've got to give, and maybe when I'm done, I can feel the pain, but until that comes I will always feel the dame. Gas prices go up, and I go broke- that ain't no joke this dollar bill keeps me glued in place. Watch the smile fade away from the face listening to people com pain night and day. Say to me there's got to be a better way. Fifteen bucks just don't cut it, we left too early for a night that wouldn't quit- he said, let's ride, let's go so I decided to follow now that I'm sitting in the backseat waiting for you clueless to all the things that we would go through. A mind slip quick trip!